Tuesday, January 29, 2008

About the Writer

His name is Leon Davis (Leon in Greek mean Lion)

However, God who is the real author of the May 15th Prophecy with his grace called Leon to be the writer of the prophecy, in order to reveal the things that must shortly come to pass concerning the glorious return of the Lord our God.

To make the revelation plain so that those who "watch" will believe and be saved.

Those are the reason and propose for the life of Leon Davis; which is to do the Will of the Father and unto Him who died for Leon.

Henceforth Leon want to live not unto himself but unto Jesus that died for him.

He therefore is a slave to The Christ.

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His email address is leondavis3@gmail.com
(the 3 is a indication to him being like unto the 3 wise men who knew exactly when the Lord would come by reason of their knowledge given by God of the Stars, The Great Pyramid of Giza and above all the Word of God)

Also leondavis@may15thprophecy.com

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